Friday, July 1, 2011

Community-Jedi Style

So I'm a huge fan of Dan Harmon's Community. Hell, I've been a fan of Dan since the Deadale Wives and Channel 101. Anyhow, from the minute Abed called dibs on playing Han Solo during the season 2 finale,  I've been kicking around the idea for this. Of course, it's based on the poster for Return of the Jedi, which I've had a soft spot for since I was a kid. 3-Peirce-O and R2-Winger are a cheat since the droids aren't on the original poster, but it seemed like a fair compromise.

Here it is without the text.


My Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman. Inspired in equal measure by Basil Gogos and Arcimboldo. See if you can spot all the creatures making up the face of the Acker-Monster!